The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review – The Price Is Worth It Or Not?

The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review
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Nowadays, there are a lot of choices of technology products, the Urbanista Rome Headphones is one of them. But, the price is worth it or not ? This article, we will shed the light on this problem with: The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review

Key Specifications:

Specifications The Urbanista Rome Headphones
The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review

Speaker size: φ14.2mm 

Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz 

Stand-by time: 600h Play time: 16h 

Sensitivity: 103dB+/-3dB 

Impedance: 32±15﹪Ω 

Weight: 23g (without packaging) 

Weight including packaging: 78g/pcs 

Package size: 200x200x85mm 

Packaging size: 100x31x121mm  

Manufacturer: Urbanista 

Date First Available : ‎November 10, 2017 

Charging: Micro USB, about 2,5h charging time

Output Power: Max.2.466mW(3.92dBm) 

An overview about the Urbanista Rome Headphones Review

The wireless headphone is available in four colors: Rose Gold, Blue is an ideal choice for those who like something different. Besides, it also has White and the inexplicably titled ‘Dark Clown’, which basically means black. Secondly, in term of the design of product, light and flexible Bluetooth neckband with a three-button built-in remote which allows you to control the music and call. Rome is compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows as well. Moreover, a combination of super comfort and great sound quality,
fashionable shape and earpieces are perfectly fit your ears. Rome gives you an enjoyable audio experience with crisp highs and rich sound. The price of these earpieces is £59.99 which is quite higher than other products. Now, we will deep dive into The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review and more details of the products and know why I say that the price is not affordable with the quality.

The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review about Design :

Basically, the Urbanista Rome Headphones is a wiresless bluetooth headphone with hand-free design, making the user feel comfortable and light, which is suitable for working as well as doing exercies or gym without worrying about loosing the earphones. Secondly, the neckband is in a fashionable shape and the earpieces are shaped for an ergonomic fit. The remote on the neckband allows you to adjust the volume, pause and play your tunes or skip between tracks.

Design The Urbanista Rome Headphones
Design of The Urbanista Rome Headphones

Overall, this earpieces are by no means ugly, it means at the first look, they actually look like a high-end product, but on closer inspection, there are many downsides in the design. However, the most worth point I highly rate is the magnets in the back of each ear pod. These enable to join the Rome pods together when not in use, even when it’s not a huge thing but a bonus. Lastly, for a runners may find the set is useful because of the outside sound can leak through, generally there are much better choices of headphones with the same price out there availble.

3 Main Features:

As I mentioned above in an overview of The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review, the obvious feature of this product is Bluetooth and the performence is quite stable. It’ also a plus point for this product as it’s convenient and appropriate to many kinds of operator systems such as Windows, Android, IOS…Setting up and pairing the Urbanista Rome was as straightforward as with any other decent set of wireless earphones, and the signal remained consistent – with minimal break-ups in sound – throughout the time using the set. I think the Bluetooth performance may be the best features of this product.

In addition, if we talk about the battery of this products, it’s also an advantage while the former only a measly 4 hours of playing time, Urbanista has improved the quality of battery life to more than 16 hours. That’s is a big enhancement. I evaluate this point is better than others such as SoundMagic E10BTs, with their 10-12 battery life. The last feature of out product I want to talk is the Rome also boast IPX4 water resistence ( it is not water proof or particle protection ) So, don’t go dropping them into the sink

Sound quality :

In the next part of The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review, I will make clear about the sound quality as well as the feeling when using this headphones is the most important thing you concern before decide to buy it. At first, I am a bit of dissapointed with the outdated ear bud design, but when I actually started listening, I must say that the sound quality is not as good as I expected. With the price is nearly £60 , I am not sastified because it was similiar to that of a seriously compressed Youtube video. The treble was non-existent, the bass-alothough seemingly quite full-bodied-wasn’t hitting as it should.

Good bass depends on the tight in-ear seal which I think the Rome can not achieve this point. When using it outside such as running or doing gym, the outside sound easily leak to my earphones which annoys me a lots. This sound quality of these Rome is so low that they will really only be good as a last-resort backup pair or listening a podcasts and lessons without caring about the dynamic sound.

In conclusion, I am not higly recommend this products because of the sound quality, besides, the bluetooth performance as well as the design of the Urbanista Rome is also a plus point which makes users feel sastified. I hope The Urbanista Rome Headphones Review will help you before buying it or you can refer to other reviews on

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