Jam Bluetooth Headphones Review- Is it worth for the price or not ?

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These days, a good set of earbuds is a must-have. We’re constantly on the move, always connected, and always paying attention. However, not every set of earbuds has all we require. We want earbuds that work just as well in the gym as they do on the street. Ones that provide us with an authentic music experience as well as excellent phone call clarity. Jam Wireless earbuds are now available. Will they be able to provide us with what we require and more? Let’s have a look at our article Jam Bluetooth Headphones Review.

1. Design: The first part of Jam Bluetooth Headphones Review

  • The Jam Live True headphones aren’t like other true wireless headphones in that they don’t have a uniform design. The charging case and the headphones, for example, have a wonderful fabric-like texture that makes things seem and feel more comfortable and attractive.
  • The earbuds themselves have a simple great design with a button on each earpiece and charging magnets on the bottom. The basic design of the headphones appeals to us because it is simple and elegant.


  • It’s really simple to put the headphones into the charging case, albeit it’s not as automatic as some others. The headphones will need to be guided into the case a little, but once they’re in the appropriate area, they should click into place.
  • In terms of the charging dock, it’s also quite attractive. The outer surface has the same fabric feel, and it’s simple to slide out the seat for the earbuds by pushing the left end. A MicroUSB charging port and a USB port are likewise hidden behind a rubber barrier on the left end. The USB-A port is a welcome addition, as it allows you to charge your phone or other devices while wearing the case. We’re still hoping to see more USB-C connections on headphones in the near future, but at this price range, it’s impossible to be disappointed.
  • Aside from the headphones and charging case, the box includes a MicroUSB cable and 14 pairs of ear tips, including the ones that came with the headphones. We enjoy that there’s such a large assortment of ear tips since it ensures that you’ll always be able to find a pair that fits your ears appropriately. The design might be the best impressive point for me in Jam Bluetooth Headphones Review

2. Some impressive features of Jam Live True headphones

  • Long battery life: Wireless earphones, as we all know, frequently promise a lot. Regrettably, they frequently fail to deliver. These earphones promise three hours of standby time, but will they deliver? Yes, they certainly can! They have plenty of good battery life for most workouts or road trips. You may rest assured that when completely charged, they will not let you down.
  • IPX4 rated: The IPX rating is applied to electronic devices like these earbuds. It reveals how robust they are to adverse conditions. Given that earphones are frequently exposed to rain, perspiration, and dust, how good is the IPX4 rating?
    In layman’s terms, this means they provide excellent protection from splashing water from any direction. Thunderstorms, intense exercises, and filthy roads should have no effect on the earbuds.No, you can’t put them in the water! But, let’s be honest, you’re not prone to make phone calls when swimming.


  • Bluetooth 5.0: These earphones have Bluetooth 5.0, which is a huge plus. The speed and range have to be the best aspects about it. It can communicate over long distances and is significantly faster than prior Bluetooth technologies. Another useful aspect of Bluetooth 5.0 is dual audio. Do you want to share a podcast with a friend? It’s no problem! Simply plug in two pairs of earphones to the same gadget and you’re ready to go.

3. Sound Quality – Real Listening Experience

This might be the most important thing you refer to when purchasing an earphone. It will be answered in Jam Bluetooth Headphones Review now.

  • In the end, the most crucial consideration is sound quality, and the Jam Live True headphones are up against the very stiff competition. After all, the sound quality of the Jam Out There over-ear headphones was the worst thing about them when we reviewed them. Are the Jam Live True headphones able to combat this? Partially, but they might yet improve.
    For starters, the bass is actually rather good. It’s thick and deep, with adequate extension, though it could always be better. Kick drums cut through the music rather effectively, and bass guitars have a nice smooth tone to them.


  • The bottom-end increase continues into the low mids, where there’s a fair degree of warmth – always a plus. However, the sound quality begins to deteriorate in the high mids. The high mids appear to have been drastically reduced in relation to the low mids, to the point that voices can occasionally be overshadowed.
    The high end was equally underwhelming. We didn’t get nearly as much clarity or detail out of these headphones as we would have liked. Although there is some high-end response, there could be a lot more.
    Another issue we faced was that the headphones could only take so much before distorting. Even at reasonable volumes, there appears to be some crackling, which is annoying to hear.

Conclusion :

There’s a lot to like about the Jam Live True headphones. They’re reasonably priced, well-designed, and offer a slew of extras. However, the headphones have a few drawbacks that make them difficult to suggest, primarily, the sound quality isn’t fantastic. Nonetheless, there aren’t many possibilities in this budget range. The Jam Live True headphones aren’t awful if you’re searching for a pair of truly wireless headphones with a good design. I hope this Jam Bluetooth Headphones Review has some helpful information. Thank you for reading!

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