How To Fix A Zipper- 5 Effective Ways To Fix Quickly

How To Fix A Zipper
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In the process of using the pants zipper, the jacket is damaged is inevitable. Do not worry! I have compiled a very easy way to fix zippers for you to try! Please refer to the article below to know more about How To Fix A Zipper!

1. How To Fix A Zipper if it is stuck?

Here are ways to fix the lock when it is stuck, or hissing during daily use, if you miss it, you can apply it!

How To Fix A Zipper with a pencil tip into the lock tooth?

Paint the zipper with graphite. When the zipper gets stuck, the graphite in the pencil can help with lubrication.
Paint the chain teeth with a pencil to lubricate them.
  • Prepare a special pencil for lubricating
  • Paint the tip of the pencil up and down all of the chain teeth or just around the area where the zipper is jammed.
  • Move the puller up and down over the teeth until it works smoothly again

How To Fix A Zipper jam with soap?

If a pencil doesn’t work, put some soap or laundry detergent on the stubborn zipper. The soap will increase the smoothness and help the zipper work properly.
How To Fix A Zipper
How to make:
  • Put a small amount of soap in the dish.
  • Pour some water into the soap dish.
  • Soak a cotton swab or gauze in the mixture.
  • Use a soapy cotton pad to rub the teeth of the zipper.
  • Put down the cotton pad and gently remove the jammed zipper—it might just move a little!
  • When you move the lock head to the jam, pull it back to its original position.
  • Repeat until the zipper is no longer stuck.

Use candle wax or lip balm to fix a stuck zipper

With candle wax/wax pencil will create a smoothness for the zipper to work, avoiding jamming. You just need to prepare 1 candle/wax pencil and rub the candlestick on the lock and move the zipper up and down until the zipper is normal again.

How To Fix A Zipper

If you don’t have any candle wax in your home, you can also use lip balm. Similar to candle wax, lip balm works to make the zipper work smoothly. Apply a small amount of balm to the zipper, then pull the slider to move little by little and repeat a few times until the slider is smooth when pulling up and down.

2. How to fix broken jeans and sweater zippers is extremely easy!

How To Fix A Zipper that has slipped on 1 side or 2 sides?

  • When the buckle slips on one side, you need to pull the slider down to the last position of the zipper (lower stopper).
  • Removing the bottom stopper is usually lead, so you can use sharp pliers to remove it.
  • Take one end of the other buckle and thread it on the other side of the slider, then hold the stopper and try.
  • Now you slowly pull the slider up to see if the zipper works properly and then you install the stopper and you’re done.

3. How to fix a loose zipper, two locking teeth do not match for Clothes, Bags

Sometimes, your clothes or bag buckles slip, and the two sides of the locking teeth do not match or are blocked and cannot be pulled. The reason is that the runner mouth of the ball lock is open, making the 2 locking teeth not come together
How to make:
  • First, you pull the zipper all the way down, Remember to pull down the drama too!!
  • Using pliers, clamp the runner’s tail to keep it tight
  • So we can use it normally!

How To Fix A Zipper

If your fix zippers that don’t match, in this case, the zipper is not straight or the buckle pattern does not fit together, so no matter how you move the slider, it will not lock, so use pliers to adjust. When you see any of the locking teeth that are out, use the pliers to adjust them back to their original position so that the zipper teeth run in a straight line.

4. How To Fix A Zipper that slipped from the zipper due to loose

In some cases, the metal slider of the zipper has come off on both sides so you can’t use it anymore, the cause may be because the slider is loose.

How To Fix A Zipper

In this case, if you still have the slider, use pliers to press the scissors to narrow. Then, use pliers to remove the lower stopper, and then hold one end of the buckle thread into the slider, try pulling up and down until the zipper works properly.

5. How To Fix A Zipper if broken tow hook

Suddenly, the slider tow hook is broken and you can’t use it anymore. You can replace it with a new custom-designed tow hook with a paper clip. Use a paper clip or keychain to slide it gently over the slider to continue normal use.

How To Fix A Zipper

In the case of the buckle head is stuck in the fabric, it is easier than other things I mentioned above. If you accidentally pull the slider up and get stuck on the shirt or thread, you should gently pull the buckle back to its original position and then remove the stuck fabric from the slider.

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