How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain Quickly- 7 Effective Ways

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain
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Housewives and family members always find clogged sinks and drain to be annoying. So, how can you effectively unclog a basic kitchen sink? Through this article, you can learn How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain Quickly right now!

Why the drain is clogged?

Do you frequently experience a clogged sink without being able to identify the source of the problem? So allow Cleanipedia to explain the causes of the sink’s malfunction:

1. Do not clean leftovers and garbage before pouring them into the sink.

Almost every homemaker is constantly exhausted from the numerous unidentified chores. As a result, people frequently neglect to filter food waste before disposing of it in the sink’s plumbing. Remember to use a rail or mesh bag to filter food residues to help the sink drain pipe not be clogged. After doing this repeatedly for a while, it has led to an accumulation of more and more food debris, which has led to blockages.

2. Dropping something heavy into the sink

In fact, managing and removing items that have fallen into the sink has been a common request for Hanoi’s drain unclogging services. Children’s toys, watches, pencils, and a variety of other hard objects can clog a sink with only one slip.

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain Quickly? 

There are huge of ways How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain quickly and effectively at your home. Let’s follow 18 Ways we guide you in this article below:

1. The first way for How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain is using by your hand

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

For families, the quickest and least expensive way to unclog a sink is by hand. Follow these steps to clear a clogged sink drain:

Step 1: Wear gloves as your first step to shield your hands from germs and prevent scratches from things like fish bones.

Step 2: Gather items that clog the sink drain pipe with your hands, such as hair, leftovers, and other items, and wrap them in plastic wrap.

Step 3: Run some fresh water through the sink.

2. Using a solution of baking soda, white vinegar, and table salt for How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

To unclog sinks, the ideal mixture is baking soda, white vinegar, and table salt. This technique is quite easy to use. Clean the unclean water in the basin with a dry rag that has been prepared in preparation.

Step 1: Combine salt and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio.

Step 2: Fill the sink drain pipe with a mixture of baking soda and salt.

Step 3:  Next, pour 200 ml of boiling white vinegar down the drain.

Step 4: Cover the liquid and let it sit in the drain for a couple of hours.

Step 5: After the mixture has been saved for a while, add hot water to help the decay slide down the drain and the dirt come off the water pipe’s wall more effectively.

3. The third How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain is Using table salt

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

The three ingredients—salt, vinegar, and baking soda—must be combined for the above procedure to have the optimum results. But if you simply have salt in your home instead of the other two ingredients, don’t worry.

Table salt works perfectly to clear a clogged sink. When there are soft foreign objects and the blockage is not too severe, the method of using table salt to unclog the sink will work. Continue as follows:

Step 1: Slowly pour 1/2 cup of salt into the sink drain hole’s exact mouth.

Step 2:  After adding salt, slowly pour hot water on top to aid in the salt’s dissolution and enhance the cleaning effect.

Step 3: For the greatest results, continuously pour boiling water from time to time or periodically open the hot and cold sink faucet.

4. Using baking soda to unclog a sink

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

Simply using baking soda to dissolve the garbage that clogs the sink drain system can dissolve the obstruction without the need to look far for any kind of chemical sink unclogging agent. Many households choose to unclog their sinks in this safe manner. Baking soda is really affordable and available in supermarkets, grocers,, etc.

You should combine salt and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio for increased decomposition effectiveness. Alternatively, if you have vinegar at home, you can mix it with additional uses. Continue as follows:

Step 1: Directly down the sink drain, pour 1 bowl of baking soda (or a combination of baking and salt).

Step 2: Pour 200 ml of warm vinegar into the sink. If vinegar is present, continue; otherwise, skip this step.

Step 3: Cover and keep for two to three hours.

Step 4: Drain the water to flush the waste that has been separated into the sewage system.

5. Clean a clothes hanger or zinc sink.

One of the most common methods for How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain is to use zinc wire or a strong metal clothes hanger. These tools are straight on one end for easy holding and may be bent into the shape of a fish hook.

This method works well for removing both hard and soft things that have clogged the sink. Using this method, unclogging the sink is easy and cheap to do with the purchase of tools or chemicals. Continue as follows:

Step 1: First, remove the heavy thing from the pipe: You use your ingenuity to enter the tool into the drainage pipe and then remove the obstructions that became lodged there.

Step 2: Pushing the strange thing down the drain pipe: Tie the fabric so that it creates a little cloth at the end of the bent hook. After that, insert the tool into the pipe and repeatedly push it until the blocking waste has been removed. Last but not least, rinse with water to remove the alien object.

6. The next way for How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain is using spring wire.

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

Only straight pipes can use the method of unclogging with a clothes hook or iron wire. This technique runs the danger of puncturing bent pipes and doing significant harm to them. Use a spring wire, a specialized unclogging instrument, for dealing with bent sink pipes.

Due to the softness and flexibility of the spring body, it is simple to thread between the bends without puncturing or becoming trapped. The spring ends are wide with little twists. Therefore, when the spring wire comes into contact with the waste and garbage, it will be simple to grip them and remove them from the pipe.

Step 1: Place the spring wire’s tip into the sink drain.

Step 2: Insert the spring wire farther into the drainage system until it comes into contact with the trash. The complete portion of the hook will hit the waste with the aid of the spring wire’s movement adjustments.

Step 3: Disconnect the cord so you can remove the trash. Repeat the procedure until the water in the sink can swiftly drain down, at which point you have removed all of the trash.

7. Sink unclogging using pistons is efficient

How To Clean Kitchen Sink Drain

A highly effective approach to assist in unclogging the sink that is used by many individuals is to use a piston. Before you begin, make sure the sink is empty and all the dirty water has been removed.

Step 1: Pour boiling water into the sink until it is almost full after scooping out all of the unclean water in the basin. Keep in mind that if you overfill the container, water will overflow when you are trying to unclog it.

Step 2: Set the rubber piston component near the sink drain. forcefully up and down on the plunger to apply pressure while the suction forces the interior of the pipe

Step 3: Remove the plunger and see if the water can fully drain through the pipe. You’ve succeeded if the water drains without difficulty.

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