12 Tips For Car Care And Maintenance You Definitely Know

12 Tips For Car Care And Maintenance You Definitely Know
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Nowadays, we have many ways to protect your car and help the longevity of the engine is longer, besides, your car always looks new. Understanding your feeling, we write this article about 12 Tips For Car Care And Maintenance you definitely know. I hope you can apply some of my tips in reality.

The first tip in Car Care And Maintenance: Take care of your care every day

  1. Car-Care-And-MaintenanceDo not race your car’s engine during the start
  2. Beginning your drive with slow acceleration.
  3. Put less strain on your engine and automatic transmission by shifting to neutral at red lights.
  4. During the hot or cold days, do not drive at high speeds or accelerate quickly
  5. Extend the life of your tires with careful driving.

Buy gas at prestigious service stations

Buying Gas In Prestigious Station

Choose a prestigious filling station to make sure that they fill the quality gasoline for your car. Maybe you don’t know, there are some filling stations that may not mix alcohol and fuel properly, Or worse, they mix water into the gasoline to have high profit and it leads to many bad effects to your car. Therefore, let’s find a station you trust and stick to it.

Keep calm when you are stuck

When you are stuck in mud or snow, don’t lose your head by damaging any component. Keep calm and find the trouble and give an appropriate solution to make your car be free. If it doesn’t work as you are expected, call rescue vehicles to come to help you, don’t try to do anything to damage your car and after that, you must pay a huge amount of money to repair without receiving any good result.

Choose a prestigious car garage

Even though you do all the Car Care And Maintenance tips for your car, sometimes there are many problems you can’s predict. That’s why make sure that your vehicle will be repaired with the best standard in a good garage as well as a professional vehicle fixer. Moreover, buying a car insurer is also a good idea in case of an accident or disaster, they will pay for parts of the vehicle repair cost.

Keep an auto log

Always keep a note and pencil in the glove compartment ( or you can take notes on your smartphone ) to record the time you fill-ups your gas as well as your mileage. In case of your gas become worsen or notice that there’s something wrong with your car, let’s take it to the garage and check it.

Preserve your car during long-term storage


You are going to have a business trip for over a month so you won’t use your car for a long time. Let’s follow some of my Car Care And Maintenance tips to preserve your car better.

  • Firstly, fill the gas tank to help prevent condensation from accumulating in the gas tank.
  • In order to protect the paintwork, wash and wax the car carefully
  • Put the car on jack stands to take the weight of the vehicle off the wheels and tires.
  • Put on the tarpaulins and cover the car against dust and mouse.

Keep the inside clean, too

Taking care of the engine as well as the paintwork is really important but sometimes you forget that you need to keep the inside clean too. Vacuum and sponge inside whenever you wash the car. You will be shocked by the dirt on the surface from the seat into the window or the dust on the air conditioner. Let’s choose an appropriate wand head when vacuuming to avoid slough.

Using the floor mats during the winter


Using floor mats during the winter or rainy days will help you to protect the carpeting against water, salt, slush, or mud with rubber waffle-style mats. What you need to do is just vacuum, shake or wash the mats as needed or easy to replace them with a new one with little cost.

Protect car paint from the sun

As you know that the paint not only makes your car look beautiful but also works as a defense against rusted body panels. The obvious way to do it is to park in the garage or at least in the shade or you can buy the tarpaulins to cover the car. Without any protection, after a time, the paint will be broken down and faded. Having a car cover is really helpful because avoiding the sun, moisture, and dust.

Fill with washer fluid.

In some emergency cases, using fresh water to replace the washer fluid is accepted but don’t do it regularly. It won’t clean as washer fluid or worse, it may freeze in cold weather and damage the system.

Change oil and other fluids.

This might be the most basic and simple thing you must remember when Car Care And Maintenance. There are many kinds of washer fluids that need to be changed periodically such as Oil, washer fluid, antifreeze as well as windshield washer fluid. This fluid plays the role of a greasing substance for your engine works more efficiently

Check the tire pressure periodically

Last but not least in the Car Care And Maintenance tips is always remember to check the tire. You had better have a tire pressure gauge to make sure that the index of your tire is 30 PSI.

In conclusion, I know that the car is also a fortune that we are really considerated. This Car Care And Maintenance also gives all of you some tips to keep the car’s longevity longer and your car always looks new. I hope it is useful and thank you for reading.

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